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Think ahead safely with Durabrain™

A scientifically-supported dietary supplement tailored to maintain cognitive health in adults. As we grow older, cognitive abilities become essential for accomplishing regular tasks. Durabrain™ is formulated with the patented nutraceutical compound Brain-up 10®, clinically tried and tested for enhanced:


Improve daily functioning and decision-making.


Engage in meaningful interactions with others.


Helps support social engagement.


Sharpen your attention span.

Memory and Focus from Scientists to you
Durabrain™ is a clinically proven supplement
for brain health support*

Clinically Proven Brain Supplement - 20 Years of Science

Begin your journey with science backed Durabrain™ and look out a brighter future for your brain and memory.

The ingredient in Durabrain™ is Brain-up 10®, a patented formulation that combines exclusively:

• Fulvic & Humic acid complex
• Vitamins (B6, B9, B12)

Its proprietary ingredients is sourced ethically from the Southern Andes mountains, then imported and carefully laboratory tested for potency and purity at a U.S. certified facility. Brain-up 10® formulation has consistently shown clinical evidence to support healthy cognitive function in adults.*

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The Science Behind Durabrain™

Throughout its history, Durabrain™ has laid the groundwork for understanding how Tau protein role impacts cognitive well-being.

Spearheading this exploration and progress is a world-class scientific team from the Laboratory of Cellular and molecular neurosciences, led by the awarded neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Ricardo B. Maccioni. This center has been at the forefront of uncovering groundbreaking details about cellular biology that are pertinent to neural functionality.

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A Healthy Brain. And a healthy Earth, too.

Constructed out of 100% recyclable aluminum, our containers keep Durabrain™ capsules safe from sunlight, warmth and humidity while cutting down on greenhouse emissions*

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